Mid-Week 1 Video

Reframing Missed Life Events Halfway through each week of the Emotional Flatlining Support Program, I send out a short video to give additional information and help motivate people to keep doing their exercises. Below is the video for Mid-Week 1, which I felt was valuable for anyone with flatlining, whether in the program or not, so I wanted you to have it. Both videos below are the same video. One is on Vimeo and one is on YouTube.  


  1. D

    Thank You ! Very helpful !

  2. Karen

    I was provided this link in the email I just received from you, but it states “Sorry, because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.” The email did not indicate that I needed to pay to view this one video. Do I need to pay for the 16 week program first before watching this one video?


    • Jackie

      No, you do not have to pay for the program to see this. A couple other people mentioned having trouble as well, so I am working with my video guy now. We are going to try uploading to a different player and see if that works. It won’t be ready till the middle of next week or so, but will send an email out when I do. Thank you for letting me know!