About Appreciative Living

Jackie Kelm founded Appreciative Living before getting anhedonia over 20 years ago to help people live happier lives. She attempted to use Appreciative Living to overcome anhedonia, or what she calls Emotional Flatlining, but it did not work. So she studied the condition more deeply and created the brain training program we offer here which worked for her and others. 

She runs this Anhedonia Support site completely separate from Appreciative Living because the two do not overlap. If you have anhedonia you will find what you need here. Once you overcome it you can visit the Appreciative Living site to learn how to take your life to the next level but we do NOT recommend this site with Flatlining. It will not work.

About Jackie Kelm

Jackie is “The Joy Engineer,” and has worked with thousands of people to help them get happier. She is the founder and author of two books on Appreciative Living and offers workshops, consulting, and a coaching certification program. Her work has been embraced by companies such as the Duke Integrative Medical Center, The National Mutliple Sclerosis Society, and Keurig-Green Mountain Coffee.

Jackie holds 4 different coaching certifications, a BS in mechanical engineering, and an MBA. Prior to starting Appreciative Living she was a manager for Ernst & Young LLP in the Leadership & Organization Change Group and Senior Development Engineer for General Motors.

A Message from Jackie in Contacting us…

Please understand I get many emails and cannot respond to personal requests for help. If you would like to discuss your situation, please click on the “Talk to Jackie” tab in the menu at the top of this page for information on how to schedule a call.

I put as much information as possible on this website and in the free report, but if you still have questions about the program (not personal requests for help) you can email or call us at (no spaces) Flatlining @ AppreciativeLiving.com  or  7047990975

I know how devastating flatlining is, and again I wish I could give my time to every one of you for free, but it is just not practical. Thank you for understanding!