Core Exercise on Overcoming Emotional Flatlining.

1.  Watch video below on the core exercise for overcoming flatlining by clicking the arrow on the screen.
2. Download the free written exercise explanation and template below the video
3. Check out the paid program below all this if you want more help and support in overcoming flatlining.

Exercise Explanation & Template

Watch the video above, then click the link below where you can view the exercise explanation and template. You may also download it if you wish.

Emotional Flatlining Paid Brain Training Program

Have you stopped feeling anything positive?

Are you emotionally numb?

Have you lost interest in everything and everyone?


Discover How Others Have Gotten Their Full Range of Feelings Back without Medication or Diet Changes and How You Can Too!!

Hi – I’m Jackie Kelm, and in 2013 my life was devastated by emotional flatlining. I felt absolutely nothing positive. I lost interest in everything and everyone. I couldn’t enjoy hobbies, vacations, getting together with friends – even food had no pleasure. And worst of all I felt absolutely no love or connection with anyone, including my own children.

I felt like a zombie – numb to everything. My life felt pointless.

This went on for months before I finally pushed myself to look for answers. (I didn’t even have the motivation to get better.) I talked to doctors, changed my diet, tried supplements and other alternative approaches, but nothing worked. I was desperate to get my life back from the clutches of anhedonia – the medical term for this emotional black hole.

Finally, a year later, I FOUND THE ANSWER while researching the brain and emotions. What I found was that doing a specific set of exercises restored my full range and depth of feelings. I was able to climb out of the black hole!

If you are experiencing any of these effects of Emotional Flatlining (Anhedonia) like I did, there’s hope:

  • I couldn’t care less about my children, my husband, my cat, and all the people in my life I used to love.
  • I had no interest in going on vacation, hanging out with friends, watching shows I liked, or doing anything I used to find enjoyable.
  • I was numb to sunsets, cute animals, flowers, and all the other things I used to find beautiful or that made me feel good.
  • I had to push myself to do anything. I had no motivation whatsoever.
  • I often found it hard to focus, concentrate, and follow conversations.
  • I had difficulty remembering.

The worst part was that no one understood what I was going through. They kept telling me I was depressed, but I had struggled with depression for many years and this was different. I was told to “focus on good things,” which was enraging because it didn’t matter what I focused on, thought about, or did. My brain could not produce a positive emotion any more than a broken faucet can produce water.

I could still feel negative emotions like anger, sadness, or frustration, but none of the good ones. But at the same time, I couldn’t feel grief – because you have to care about someone to grieve their loss, and I could not feel the emotion of caring.  It was devastating and felt completely hopeless.

If you can relate to this these experiences then the Brain Training exercises that I developed may be able to help you feel again and get your life back!

I wasted a lot of time and money trying things that didn’t help, and while that was frustrating and expensive, the worst part is that I became more and more hopeless each time I tried something that didn’t work. I felt completely alone and began to believe there was no answer and I would have to live with this the rest of my life.

It’s been my life’s mission ever since I overcame flatlining to help others, because I don’t want one more person to suffer alone.

That’s why I took all the best exercises that worked for me and those I helped one-on-one and created the Emotional Flatlining Brain Training program, to help people just like YOU to get their life back!

Here’s just some of what those who successfully completed the brain training program have been able to achieve:

  • They were able to get their full range and depth of positive feelings back without medications, supplements, or diet changes.
  • They were able to feel loving and connected to friends and family just like before.
  • They regained interest in all the things they used to enjoy doing.
  • They returned to their full level of enjoyment in intimacy.
  • They recovered their ability to focus, concentrate, remember, and follow conversations.
  • Their life was meaningful again!

I Tried Everything Before This:
“Before finding Jackie’s program I tried pretty much everything. I was on depression medication, I tried acupuncture, massage, therapy, everything under the sun and I didn’t see any results from the other programs I tried before. I personally have noticed really great improvements in my life after going through this program because it works. It helps restructure your brain to the point where you can feel again…. this is going to give you your life back… Jackie has done a great job of research and putting things into her program that are proven to help and I don’t know where I’d be without it.” – Past Participant

You may be thinking, how does Jackie have an answer to this when no-one else does?

Honestly, I wondered the same thing for years!  And from what I have found, there are three reasons I have identified:

The first is that I struggled with anhedonia and depression myself, so I was able to see they are distinct conditions while the medical community continues to diagnose and treat them as the same.

Second is that I have been coaching people for over 15 years on how to improve their life through my business called Appreciative Living, and already understood a lot of the underlying mechanisms of positive emotion and how to create training programs to increase it.

Finally, I am an engineer, and was able to research and understand the neuroscience well enough to figure out what was going on and create a brain training program. I think the very unusual combination of all three of these factors has allowed me to not just find an answer, but also create a program that works.

Here’s What the Program is, AND What it’s Not!

This Brain Training Program is not:

  • This program is not a quick fix. It will take time for your brain to rewire.
  • This program is not for people on medications that cause or contribute to emotional flatlining (anhedonia).
  • This program is not for people struggling with depression or other mental health issues, unless approved by a doctor.
  • This program is not for children under 18 unless approved by a parent.
So Here’s What This Brain Training Program is:

  • This is a brain training program with a set of simple daily exercises that rebuild the neural pathways for positive feelings.
  • This program is educational, explaining what is going on inside your brain, and how and why brain training can work to help you overcome flatlining.
  • This program is a support system to help keep you motivated to do the exercises and keep moving forward.

The 16-Week Emotional Flatlining Brain Training Program Provides the Same Exercises, Education, and Support that Has Helped Others Get Their Feelings Back.

I Really Am Getting BetterI’m finally starting to see that I really am getting better…I’m actually interested in things… The other day I had a moment where I actually felt good for quite a while. I don’t think I had had a moment like that in a long time. I almost felt like I wanted to cry because it was just so nice…Thursday when I was on my way to work waiting for the bus, I just felt very good overall. I was just really enjoying myself there. I felt pretty happy.”

Join us for the program beginning this Friday!

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Here’s What’s in the brain Training Program:

#1 Weekly “Virtual Coaching” Sessions

Each week for 16 weeks you will receive a recording with helpful ideas and concepts to help you on your journey. I will also do a “virtual coaching” session with you to help you reflect on your progress and keep you moving forward.

#2 Weekly Exercise Instructions & Templates

Each weekly virtual coaching session has a corresponding workbook and set of exercise instructions and templates that make it clear and easy for you to understand what you need to do that week. You can use the templates each week or write in a journal if you prefer.

#3 Past-Participant Coaching Recordings

Each week you’ll be able to listen to coaching recordings I have done with different people so you can hear what they were going through. Past program participants have found them inspiring, knowing that others have been right where they are and got better.

#4 Mid-Week Motivational Videos

Each week I’ll send you a short 3-5 minute video to help keep you motivated and on-track with your exercises.

#5 Guided Imagery Recordings

The program includes guided imagery audio files you listen to, that simply guide you to relax and picture your brain healing and restoring lost function. I created these to specifically target thinking related to the brain rewiring to produce feelings again.

#6 Emotional Support Area

In the membership site there is an emotional support area to help when you’re struggling to keep up with your exercises or feeing down. It contains tips for getting through difficult times, along with videos and recordings of me coaching others who struggled with different things at different times.

Program Is Easy
The Program is so easy to do, and the exercises are so deceptively simple that it’s hard to believe they are creating deep and profound change. It really took me about 15-20 minutes a day and the program is very flexible so you can work it into your busy schedule, however works best for you. The other great things about the program is that there is no change in diet, no drugs, no physical exercises that you need to do. Just the daily written exercises which are so easy to fit into your everyday life.”

Is This Right for Me?

There are two important things you need to know in deciding whether this program is right for you.

First, while the program is easy to do, it can be challenging to keep up with the exercises. Those with depression who have done the program with approval from their doctor have had the most difficult time. So my recommendation is to get your depression under control first if you are struggling with that, and then discuss my program with your doctor.

Second, you have to be prepared to go the distance. It takes time for your brain to rewire. After this 16 week program I find most people get to a 4 or 5 out of ten on the emotional scale, which means they have about half their depth and range of feelings back. Most people find this acceptable and much better than before, but it is not likely that you will get all the way back to a ten in 16 weeks. It can take several more months or even longer to get back to full feeling, and the program provides everything you need to know and do to make that happen on your own.

Here is an excerpt from a woman at the end of 16 weeks who was a 4.5 on the emotional scale so you get a sense of what this is like:

Real Laughter…Listening to music again…
We were just walking around and talking and laughing at everything and it was real laughter… and I was listening to music again on purpose, and singing along… and there was one day last week where I was kind-of feeling like “old me” — I was on-top of things at work, at home, with myself, and then I had exercised and I was reading and I meditated for longer than 10 minutes for the first time in a long time. And in my meditation I felt this thing I hadn’t felt in so long and I started to cry. It was so crazy I didn’t even know–I was like, why am I crying? And I had to think about it before I could realize that they were tears of happiness… And I’ve been absorbed into this world of coding. It’s been crazy. I don’t even remember the last time I was so focused on something. I was focused, and interested, and doing things, and so much of it was coming back to me. I was actively looking for resources to learn more and thought, oh my gosh, this is crazy!”

If you think this program is right for you, let’s get started!

Here’s what you will receive:

The Emotional Flatlining Brain Training Program Includes:

  • Weekly Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Exercise Instructions & Templates
  • Past-Participant Coaching Recordings
  • Mid-Week Motivational Videos
  • Guided Imagery Recordings
  • Emotional Support Area

Pay Once Now:


With one easy payment.

Pay Monthly:


Today, then 3 payments of $147 every 4 weeks. ($588)

I Can Notice a Big Difference
I’ve had anhedonia about 5 1/2 years now. The first thing I tried was going to a doctor and getting medicine and then also trying a therapist but it really didn’t do much at all. And then there were a few people every once in a while I met online who had tried different vitamins or supplements. I tried plenty of those but even those never helped much if even any at all. And now I can notice a big difference in a  lot of my typical habits and behaviors. Recently especially I’ve loved just being outside…Also recently I’ve gotten excited about the idea of going back to school and considering different career paths I may take. I notice it’s a lot easier to talk with some friends and family and play with my dogs, so even if I’m not 100% back, it’s pretty blatant that I’m miles away from where I was. Funny enough…my anxiety issues I know have helped cause a lot of the flatlining issues I’ve had, and after a while I started using a lot of the techniques Jackie taught us for flatlining to help with my anxiety and my self-esteem and self-image issues. And it just all kind of went away. It was really a great way to help get over those issues as well with the flatlining.”

What Happens After You Order?


Access the Members Only Area

After you order, you will receive an email with your unique login to the members only area.


Watch the “getting started” videos

Once in the members area you will find short videos on everything you need to know to do the program.


Start the program

On this coming Friday, you will receive an email letting you know your first week of materials are ready. Simply login and follow the instructions. You can do them that day, or any other day that works best for you.

What Are You Waiting For?

If someone asked me my advice about doing the program I would say:

Don’t hesitate. Jump right in. What are you waiting for?

The opportunity is there to take back your life,

your emotions, the highs, the lows,

that full spectrum of color in the rainbow.

Don’t be content to live with grey.

The whole rainbow is there for you.

And your life will be so much better for that.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Work for Everyone?
I cannot guarantee results. Every brain is different. For those I know of who kept up with their exercises, completed the program, were not on medication, and did not have depression, the program was successful in helping them get their feelings back.
How Long Will I Have Access to the Materials?
You will have lifetime access to the materials.
How Much Time Will the Program Take?
  • 15-20 minutes each day to do the exercises.
  • About one hour a week to listen to the weekly virtual training sessions and exercise instructions. The materials come each Friday, but you can do them on whatever day works best for you.
  • 3-5 minutes once a week to watch the optional mid-week motivational video.
  • Additional time if desired to watch optional videos, visit the Emotional Support area, listen to additional coaching sessions, or read articles etc.
What if I don’t live in the US?
I’ve had people from all over the world participate in past programs and this is designed to be done anywhere in the world as well. The materials are all online and downloadable and communication is all done through email. All the materials are in English.
Shouldn’t I Be Seeing a Mental Health Professional for This?
Absolutely. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Anhedonia is a serious mental health issue and you need to seek professional help. This program is for people who are currently working with a mental health professional and still not getting the results they desire.
Can I Get Emotional Flatlining Again After I Get My Feelings Back?
After I got my feelings back fully I went through a very difficult time several years later and started to notice my positive feelings were flattening again. I started doing the exercises again and was able to get back to full feeling much more quickly than the first time. So while I think it’s possible to slide back, it’s not something to be afraid of as long as you have the tools and are willing to use them. This is also why I provide lifetime access to the materials as I want you to have them if this should happen to you.
What Happens After 16 Weeks?
After 16 weeks you will have plenty of tools to continue on your own to get back to full feeling and all the materials will be available to you for the lifetime of the program.