Emotional Flatlining (Anhedonia) Brain Training Program

Is your life completely flat with no positive feelings?


Have you lost interest in everything?

The Emotional Flatlining Support Program

Can Help!


Hi – I’m Jackie Kelm, and I created a home study program that can help with emotional flatlining (sometimes called anhedonia). The program is based on cutting-edge neuroscience research on neuroplasticity, which has shown that areas of the brain that stop functioning can be regenerated.

This is a brain training program I used myself to overcome emotional flatlining in 2013, with exercises that stimulate the feeling parts of the brain. I then tested the program out with others, and have had great results. (See below) I am so excited to be able to offer it more broadly!

What is The Program?

It is a 16-week home study course with daily exercises that stimulate the part of the brain that feels. It only takes about fifteen minutes each day, and every week you receive new videos and audios you watch and listen to that explain everything you need to know and do.

Before & After Results

Click below to listen to excerpts from the week 1 and week 6 coaching sessions with Thomas, a participant from the live coaching program. Note that his results are exceptional, because he started doing the Simple Pleasures exercise from the free report before the program started. It would take most people 9-15 weeks to get to this point.

How is the Program Structured?

The course is broken into two parts. Part 1 is “Laying the Foundation” Weeks 1-8 where you will be taught key ideas, and given detailed instructions on what exercises to do and how.

The second part is “Building on the Foundation” Weeks 9-16. At this point you will know what works best for you and how to do the program, and now it is a matter of tweaking things and seeing it through to continue building your breadth and depth of positive emotion.

Click the arrow below to hear one live coaching participant describing what it was like as her feelings started coming back:

“We were just walking around and talking and laughing at everything and it was real laughter… and I was listening to music again on purpose, and singing along… and there was one day last week where I was kind-of feeling like “old me” — I was on-top of things at work, at home, with myself, and then I had exercised and I was reading and I meditated for longer than 10 minutes for the first time in a long time. And in my meditation I felt this thing I hadn’t felt in so long and I started to cry. It was so crazy I didn’t even know–I was like, why am I crying? And I had to think about it before I could realize that they were tears of happiness… And I’ve been absorbed into this world of coding. It’s been crazy. I don’t even remember the last time I was so focused on something. I was focused, and interested, and doing things, and so much of it was coming back to me. I was actively looking for resources to learn more and thought, oh my gosh, this is crazy!”

What Does the Program Include?

  • Weekly Training Recordings where I explain the main ideas for that week along with the exercises. There is also a set of questions you listen to and answer on your own to help reflect on your experience.
  • Monthly Live Group Call – I am doing this on a trial basis for the next three months, where I hold one live call with everyone in the flatlining program to talk in general about how things are going and answer any questions. Everyone is anonymous on the call.
  • Past-Participant Coaching Recordings – Each week you can listen to 3 different live coaching sessions of others who have gone through the program, so you hear what they were going through at that time and get answers to the same questions they had.
  • A workbook for each week that goes along with the training recordings. It includes summary points of key ideas, along with written exercise instructions and templates.
  • Guided Imagery Recordings that you relax and listen to as part of your exercises. These begin at week 4 of the program because your brain is not typically ready for this at the start.
  • Mid-Week Support Videos that are 3-8 minutes long, where I remind you of key ideas and help motivate you to keep going with your program.
  • Emotional Support Area with videos and other recordings of people who struggled, to help you get through difficult times and keep up with your exercises.
  • Resource Area with optional videos and other materials you may find helpful.

Main Ideas Presented The First 8 Weeks:

Week 1: Emotional Scaling
Week 2: The Dopamine Pump
Week 3: The 6 Stages of Emotional Progression
Week 4: Guided Imagery & The Brain
Week 5: The “Heart-Brain”
Week 6: The Gut-Brain Axis
Week 7: Restoring Memory & Cognitive Function
Week 8: Other Brain Training Programs & Accelerators

This is Not Therapy

This is a brain training program that will teach you key ideas and simple exercises I used to overcome my own flatlining naturally without medication. The program is based on neuroscience, positive psychology, and my Appreciative Living work of ten years. There is no therapy or clinical analysis involved.

The exercises are very simple, and there are only a few of them. It is very easy to do the program, but it can be very difficult to motivate yourself to keep up with it. Several people started but ended up dropping out because they could not motivate themselves to keep going with the exercises. So be sure you are committed upfront when signing up.

Is there any Live Coaching?

We are currently experimenting with a live monthly group call for the next three months. This is not meant to be a coaching call as it will include everyone in the program. But Jackie will answer questions or address specific needs if there is enough time at the end. If you do want personal coaching with Jackie, you can purchase that separately here: personal coaching.

Does this Work for Everyone?

After I was able to overcome my own flatlining using this program, I went looking for other people to see if it would work for them. I first found Erin who I mention on the home page, who had flatlining for over 8 years. She had been to many different therapists and on a variety of medications, but nothing had worked. I did the live coaching program with her and was able to get her back to an “acceptable level” of feeling (see below for definition of acceptable) in 9 weeks, and she went on to regain her full depth and breath of emotion over time.

I then went looking for others by putting up a website. Five people came forward from various parts of the world who were different in age, length of time with flatlining, and causes. Most had tried many different therapies, medications, supplements, and alternative approaches such as acupuncture with no success.

The program worked for everyone who completed it in getting back to an acceptable level of feeling.

I then created a live group coaching program in May, 2016 and the program worked for every person who kept up with the exercises and was not on medication.

Finally, I created the home study course you see here. Thirteen people so far have completed the program and filled out the survey at the end. Below is the unedited copy of every survey response with nothing taken out. I want you to see the honest and complete feedback from every person so you have the most information to decide if this program is right for you. Right click on the file and download it to your computer to view it.

September 2017 Flatlining Survey Data

This does not mean I can promise the program will work for everyone, but I have had great success with it so far.

Click below to listen to another participant talk about the live program:

“Before finding Jackie’s program I tried pretty much everything. I was on depression medication, I tried acupuncture, massage, therapy, everything under the sun and I didn’t see any results from the other programs I tried before. When I started the program I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and I noticed that the program really put my anxiety at bay first before I started having feeling experiences and then I started feeling again. And it was like that anxiety was the blocker that contributed to the emotional flatlining. I personally have noticed really great improvements in my life after going through this program because it works. It helps restructure your brain to the point where you can feel again. I have feeling moments, I enjoy being with people, I’m starting to feel that connection with others that I had before. It has taken me a lot of months to get to this point and I’m sure it will take me many more months to get back to full recovery but I trust in this program because you do start to feel again. But this is going to give you your life back. I truly believe that Jackie has done a great job of research and putting things into her program that are proven to help and I don’t know where I’d be without it.”

How Long Does it Take To Feel Again?

People who did the flatlining programs were all different ages, with different causes of flatlining, and different lengths of time in having it. The time it took for people to get back to an “acceptable” level of feeling (See below for a definition of “acceptable”) was  anywhere from 6-22 weeks.

What is an “Acceptable” Level of Feeling?

I would summarize it as, “I am interested in things again, enjoy myself at times like I used to, and can feel enough pleasure and positive emotions that I could live this way if I had to.” The woman in the audio clip above had just gotten to an acceptable level, and the man in the clip below was almost there.

Note – There is no need to stop at the “acceptable” level of feeling. You can keep doing the program to get all the way back to full feeling.

Why is this Program so Long?

This is a brain training program to help you build new neural connections in the feeling pathways of your brain, and to improve the flow of dopamine, oxytocin, and other neurotransmitters. Brain Training takes time because many neural connections have to form and your brain can only rebuild so fast. It is similar to strength training to build body muscle. It takes time to go from being weak and slender to buff and bulky. Doing the brain training exercises more frequently seems to speed up progress, and I am always looking for other accelerators.

Click Below to Listen To Another Live Coaching Participant

Describing How his Feelings are Coming Back:

“I’m finally starting to see that I really am getting better. I’m more interested in things too, like I’m actually interested. When I say that I’m interested in something I actually mean it… When I was at work, my boss put a CD in of piano music and I enjoyed the pieces – the one CD, it was very nice. It had been a while since I had enjoyed music... The other day I had a moment where I actually felt good for quite a while. I don’t think I had had a moment like that in a long time. I almost felt like I wanted to cry because it was just so nice...And then my wife got hired at this place and I was kind of excited for her and happy for her. I actually felt excited when she told me about it…Thursday when I was on my way to work waiting for the bus, I just felt very good overall. I was just really enjoying myself there. I felt pretty happy.”

How Much Time Will The Program Take?

  1. 15-20 minutes each day to do the exercises. This is essential, and the program will not help if you do not do the exercises.
  2. Average of one hour a week to listen to the weekly coaching and training recordings. The first week is an exception and will be one and a half hours.
  3. 5 minutes once a week to watch the optional mid-week motivational video.
  4. Additional time if desired to watch optional videos, visit the Emotional Support area, listen to additional coaching sessions, or read articles etc.

What are the Exercises?

There are two types. The first is written exercises including the Simple Pleasures exercise in the free report, and the second is guided imagery recordings you relax and listen to beginning week 4. The written exercises stimulate the “left” hemisphere of the brain, and the guided imagery recordings work with the “right.” All the exercises and recordings are positive and uplifting, and there is no therapy or clinical analysis involved.

What if I have Bi-Polar, schizophrenia, or other mental health issue?

This program only focuses on emotional flatlining (anhedonia). Mental health issues (including flatlining) need to be diagnosed, addressed and treated by a doctor or mental health professional. Again, this program is not therapy, I am not a mental health professional, and this program is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult with your therapist or doctor before starting this program to be sure it is right for you.

Click Below to Listen to Another Live Coaching Participant:

“The Program is so easy to do, and the exercises are so deceptively simple that it’s hard to believe they are creating deep and profound change. It really took me about 15-20 minutes a day and the program is very flexible so you can work it into your busy schedule, however works best for you. The other great things about the program is that there is no change in diet, no drugs, no physical exercises that you need to do. Just the daily written exercises which are so easy to fit into your everyday life.”

Who SHOULD NOT Do This Program?

I do not recommend someone doing this program as follows:

  • If the condition that caused your flatlining is still present (medication, inflammation, etc.) then the program will not likely help.
  • If you started taking a new medication after having flatlining (anhedonia) be sure the new medication is not contributing to it, or once again the program may not help. It is hard to know as anhedonia is not always known or listed specifically as a side-effect on medications, and not everyone responds to medications in the same way. In addition, anhedonia is sometimes called depression.
  • If your flatlining was caused by severe anxiety, and you are still experiencing severe anxiety, the program may not help, but this is less clear. If you do have severe anxiety you need to be working with a therapist while doing this program. Interestingly, the people in the program who had moderate anxiety felt the program helped reduce their anxiety quite a bit. But I can’t say this would be true for everyone and is not the focus of the program.
  • If you have depression in addition to flatlining, you will want to work with a doctor to improve your depression before starting the program. Depression causes an even greater loss in motivation, and several people with depression ended up dropping out of the program even though it was working, because they were too down to keep going with the exercises.
  • If you are seeing a therapist or doctor, be sure they agree this program is appropriate for you before doing it.

Click below to hear another live coaching participant:

“I’ve had anhedonia about 5 1/2 years now. The first thing I tried was going to a doctor and getting medicine and then also trying a therapist but it really didn’t do much at all. And then there were a few people every once in a while I met online who had tried different vitamins or supplements. I tried plenty of those but even those never helped much if even any at all. And now I can notice a big difference in a  lot of my typical habits and behaviors. Recently especially I’ve loved just being outside…Also recently I’ve gotten excited about the idea of going back to school and considering different career paths I may take. I notice it’s a lot easier to talk with some friends and family and play with my dogs, so even if I’m not 100% back, it’s pretty blatant that I’m miles away from where I was. Funny enough…my anxiety issues I know have helped cause a lot of the flatlining issues I’ve had, and after a while I started using a lot of the techniques Jackie taught us for flatlining to help with my anxiety and my self-esteem and self-image issues. And it just all kind of went away. It was really a great way to help get over those issues as well with the flatlining.”

When Will the Next Program Start?

A new program begins each Friday. You can register below and there are a few videos and things you can watch to prepare ahead.  The materials come at the same time each week: Fridays at 1:00am in the morning Eastern Time (New York time) but you can do the program any day or time you wish each week.

How Much Is the Program?

The program is $29.95 a week for 16 weeks. You can cancel the program or put it on hold at any time for a one-time fee of $29.95. There is no cost to start the program up again after pausing as long as you do it within 6 months. I created it this way so you can try it out for a few weeks and see if it’s a good fit, and also only pay for what you need.

How Do I Decide if This is Right for Me?

The best way to know is to talk it over with your doctor or therapist.  I have a checklist and other things in the free report you can use when discussing it with him or her. You may also want to read through the comments in the survey results above to see if your situation sounds similar. Part of the reason I structure payments the way I do, is so people who are not sure can try the program out for a few weeks and then cancel if it turns out to not be right.

What if I Need to Cancel or Pause the Program?

You can cancel or pause the program at any time for a one-time fee of $29.95 USD. You can start the program up again anytime within the following six months with no additional charge, and weekly payments will resume at that time with your materials.

How Long Can I Keep the Materials?

You will have access to all materials you purchase for the lifetime of the program, which basically means as long as I still have the program running, which I expect will be many years. If you cancel or pause the program at any point, you will have access to all the materials you purchased up to that point for a lifetime as well.


Sign Up Below

There first payment $29.95 USD will be charged now when ordering, and you bill automatically be billed $29.95 each week for 15 additional week with our secure, encrypted connection. You can cancel or pause the program at anytime for $29.95 and payments will stop. You can resume the program anytime within six months for free and payments will begin again with materials.

Price: $29.95 USD per week for 15 weeks.




What Happens After 16 Weeks?

After 16 weeks you will have plenty of tools to continue on your own to get back to full feeling.  All the materials will be available to you for the lifetime of the program as described above.

Can I do coaching calls with Jackie?

After you sign up and log in to the membership site, there will be a place for you to purchase  coaching calls with Jackie if you wish. You don’t have to be in the program to talk with Jackie – click here to learn how to schedule time with her. 

Click below to Hear Final Thoughts From

A Live Coaching Participant Who Says it All…

“If someone asked me my advice about doing the program I would say:

“Don’t hesitate. Jump right in. What are you waiting for?

The opportunity is there to take back your life,

your emotions, the highs, the lows,

that full spectrum of color in the rainbow.

Don’t be content to live with grey.

The whole rainbow is there for you.

And your life will be so much better for that.”